Group Description

Welcome to Okoré!

This group is here to share the passion of Anime, Manga, and whatever else we collectively enjoy. We are fans of varius aspects of what it means to be an Otaku. Our goal is to create a community for all anime/manga fans that are looking for like minded individuals to get together to talk about what we love to read/watch. It can't hurt... right? I've been a big anime/manga fan for quite some time but have much more fun when getting together and sharing what I enjoy as a group. I created the term Okore as a play on words for Otaku-core, to imply people that are hard core about enjoying the genre of Manga and Anime.

So... Do you like reading things right to left? Are you a pro at seeing every bit of action in a show or movie while still catching all the subtitles? Join some like minded people and share the fun!

"Come for the anime, stay for the people!"