The San Diego Psychology Meetup Group

Group Description

The main purpose of this group ...

To focus on interesting and important aspects of psychology, human behavior and related studies/ disciplines.

Because knowledge without benefit to people is wasted. This group will provide access to seminars, coaching, workshops, activities and resources for the growth and enhancement of every area of your life.

We are open to any member suggesting any products and services that are designed to maximize our joy, productivity, effectiveness and success. 

This group will explore many interesting subjects within the context of Pyschology including  "cognition, emotion, and behavior with the intent to make psychology really interesting and personalóin short, really real for you. This includes a primary focus on exploring the principles of positive psychology, emotional intelligence, self-esteem, and happiness rather than looking at Psychology as a study of human disfunctionality, sickness or pathology.

This group is about exploring all these facets in order to further our self and others evolution, while interacting with curious persons and sharing our experiences. Thereby creating more self-awareness, more fulfilling relationships, and greater life-satisfaction.

Welcome to our group and we look forward to your participation.