The Beginners Salsa Students Dance Cabal

Group Description

Check it out! Do you want to know where your fellow beginning salsa students are practicing what they learned? Then please join our MEETUP.COM group. It is simple just sign up; upload a photo showing your face in your best dancers pose. Ok, forget the pose, we do need a picture of your face or you can't be a member. Once you have signed up you can e-mail the whole group or individual members privately. You can also post events as an organizer on the calendar to let other students know where the next event is.

Now when you go to a club, a Salsa party or an event you can join members and practice what you have learned with them and others. The calendar will be full of the salsa dance events that you will want to go to and meet up with your fellow members. On top of that if you want to post pictures you can do that too!

As students we are going to show our best dance moves and that we are good spirits as well. No questionable behavior on this site will be tolerated. The site is very flexible to your degree of participation. You will not get any spam and you will have complete control of the correspondence you receive. BTW, it is FREE to join! To join you must up load a recognizable photo

AFICIONADOS: Don't let people guess if you are going to an event, please RSVP. It will increase the participation!

BEGINNERS: This your chance to practice without the pressure!!!

*****************NO FACE PICTURE, NO MEMBERSHIP****************