Intimate Passionate Love

Group Description

We are looking for people who are interested in up-leveling their relationship for the purpose of having an intimate passionate love, not just in the early stage of the relationship but throughout the decades. In order to do this, it is necessary to turn your relationship into an Evolutionary Partnership that will result in both your personal evolution and the creation of a conscious, sexually vital relationship.

We believe that an Intimate Passionate Love, in a long term relationship, is based on the Three Legged Stool of Conscious Relationship, Tantra, and Sexual Health. We will be sharing with you what we have learned about how to achieve this.

Our intention is to first teach and then create a friendship group of evolutionary couples who will support each other in creating a higher and sexier love.  If you are interested in this you are welcome to join the group.


Who We Are

We are a couple in a committed 26 year relationship who are in the process of our own conscious relationship creation.  We know how it is to watch our sexual lives diminish.  We know the challenges that relationship problems, familiarity and immensely busy lives present to couples.  We have searched intensively for solutions which we could incorporate into our relationship.  We discovered that there could be no better time in history to undertake this.  The field is rife with professional fellow explorers.   We are happy to share with you the relationship wisdom we have learned both through this means and our own experimentation. 

Anya is a Tantra teacher and intimate passionate love coach.  She has a Masters of Education and a Ph.D. in Psychology.  Paul is a chiropractor, naturopathic doctor, product developer and Tantra teacher.  We are in the process of writing a book on Intimate Passionate Love for couples in committed relationships.


Where We Are

We are located in a beautiful, pastoral area called Harmony Grove that is actually south west Escondido.  It is 30 minutes from downtown San Diego.  35 minutes from the airport.  We are about 10 minutes west of the 15 and 10 minutes, south of San Marcos.