Yarn Ball of San Diego

Group Description

We are a group of people who like to crochet and/or knit and enjoy sharing our projects, learning from others, and relaxing and exchanging stories. The group includes beginners, intermediate and experienced; all levels are welcome.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

We meet Saturdays from 9-12 at the Panera Bread in Mira Mesa.  We are normally near the back door, but if we're not there please look around and we will have a sign at the tables where we are.

In case our name sounds familiar, yes we are back. We never entirely went away, but have found that itís far easier to run a group with meetup as it gives us a place to communicate, RSVP, and plan. We look forward to having previous members back again as well as new members joining and becoming friends.