Chai Tea Tai Chi

Group Description

Q. What is Chai Tea Tai Chi?

A. Chai Tea Tai Chi is a unique tai chi blend, scientifically formulated to activate and enhance your Superpowers.

Chai Tea Tai Chi is a fusion of ancient principles and modern perspectives.

Chai Tea Tai Chi is a complete system for mastering your body and your destiny.

Q. What does it mean to have Superpowers?

A. Being able to do anything that a human being can do as well as a human being can do it.

Q. Why the name?

A. Because the best way to learn is to come with an empty cup.

And because we like the way it sounds. :)

Chai Tea Tai Chi is also a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving veterans, at-risk youth, and others who can benefit from the self-healing properties of integrative, holistic, mind-body practices, including single parents, the elderly, people with physical and mental disabilities, people with mental illnesses or recovering from addictions, the prison population, and the homeless population.

Its current objective is to open and operate a community learning and activity center dedicated to developing revolutionary mind-body training programs as a pathway to community service and global healing, where it can package its programs for a world-wide audience so that economically disadvantaged youth and and adults of all ages and backgrounds can learn to develop mind-body mastery and activate their superpowers.