San Diego Sci-Fi/Fantasy Meetup

Group Description

To all cyberpunk and home brew gamers I am looking for 4 to 6 people to dm through one of my cyberpunk campaigns including below campaigns and more
Post apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy inspired by wizards by Ralph baskski, after the bomb and the legends of king author
My superhero concperiacy based off of conspiracy theories, and with influences from venture bros
My distopian future sci fi fantasy called the ftu campaign which stands for free trade union when government stops and business takes its place while the outer planes take to soul stock and the hells and the abyss swarm the earth drying up most of earths oceans but the ftu sells both sides enough dimension nukes to destroy one another ending the blood wars and beginning the cold blood wars
And then theirs my story land campaign includes oZ, fairy tales and Alice in wonderland, etc
And many more