Mindful Meditation Practice Group at New Mindful Life

Group Description

Who Are We

New Mindful Life provides both community-based and individualized support for learning and integrating mindfulness meditation into everyday life. Our team of skilled, dedicated practitioners offer a variety of mindfulness meditation practices from secular, as well as traditional methods of learning, through classes, events and therapy. New Mindful Life promotes the cultivation of health and well-being within all domains of life in a supportive and welcoming space.

Visit www.NewMindfulLife.com at any time to book your seat at one of our meditations or mindfulness-inspired events!

NML Meditation Studio

What is it?

Wellness. Similar to a yoga studio or gym where you go to receive physical wellness, you may come to New Mindful Life for mental and emotional wellness and balance. Our goal is to create a space where a community may grow in meditation practice so as to support our individual and collective well-being.

Why join?

Peace. Become a member of New Mindful Life and get ready to feel ease, joy and connection. By bringing mindfulness to your day on a regular basis, you may learn to develop a new relationship to life. With daily drop-in meditations, monthly events, and knowledgeable, compassionate teachers, you may learn to live a life with less stress, more contentment and overall wellness.

What do I get as a member?

Connection. With the membership, you will have UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Drop-in Meditations (Morning, Lunchtime, & Evening), Dharma Talks, Community Night, Half-Day Retreat, Open Studio Sits & other insightful Featured Events such as Sound & Movement Meditations, Special Speakers, & much more.

Who is it for?


Benefits of Living Mindfully

Reduce stress…Relate to everyday life in a new light…Respond rather than react in communication…Manage interactions with family & friends with more ease…Explore inner-self…This is a non-denominational mindfulness based meditation practice group. The purpose of this group is to assist in developing a regular mediation practice, and expose new meditators to the principles of mindfulness based meditation. It does not matter if you have never meditated or have a well established practice. We are a community of meditators helping to support each other in practice.

All are welcome. Our meetups are donation based, and no one is turned away for lack of funds. Please RSVP to join us or call (619) 261-8510 for details.

Please check our website at www.newmindfullife.com for a full schedule of group meditations and mindfulness courses in San Diego.