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Group Description

What is Universal Intelligence?

We are All ONE, Genius.

Imagine your brain connecting to all others. Imagine a sea of intelligence connecting us all - that's Ui! Ui - Universal Intelligence is the genius surrounding us, in nature, in every cell of our body, connecting us all. This genius is ours to access, it is what the other 90-95% of our brain is intended for. Start to access untapped knowledge, profound wisdom, healing secrets and your path to wealth and success. Ui is to your brain what the internet is to computers – unlimited information. Start your limitless existence now! www.DiscoverUi.com

Universal Intelligence was inspired by Daniel, Author of "The ALL KNOWING Diary" and his wife Sonja. Ui represents ONE MIND, a sea of interconnected intelligence we can all draw on for wisdom, profound truths, our life purpose, and limitless creativity to solve our biggest challenges. Discover your Truth!

Daniel discovered how to operate his brain beyond the normal 5%, to using both hemispheres as one unified brain, giving him access to 100% brain capacity. He coined this ability Accessing Universal Intelligence, as he says: “Beyond our own brain lies a Universal Mind (SuperConscious), an intelligence so great it is the source of our inspiration and genius. It fed Einstein, Da Vinci and Mozart, but is available to us all!”

“The human brain, misunderstood by so many, actually transcends space and time – it is All Knowing, like an antenna – broadcasting and receiving information!” Daniel Rechnitzer

Now Daniel and his wife Sonja are pioneers in human transformation, leading the way in Noetic Sciences (how beliefs, thoughts, and intentions affect the physical world). They are first in the world to implement, help others AND teach methodology of this calibre in such an accessible way.

“You will be awestruck at the talents and abilities that lie within all of us, buried underneath our limiting beliefs and inaccurate perceptions of our reality!” Daniel says.

Daniel’s life purpose is to bring Universal Intelligence within easy reach for everyone, teaching their Parts 1 – 3 Workshops “Success Beyond Beliefs” and Advanced Training around the world. Join Daniel and his team for a once-off opportunity in 2013 during their USA Tour, to bring each one of us back to the genius we truly are and the inner wisdom available to us all. Live a LIMITLESS life. For more information, visit http://www.allknowingdiary.com/.