Sexual Enlightenment & Consciousness

Group Description

Welcome! I am a psychologist, sex educator, researcher and coach. I have been in these field for 23 years.


First and foremost:  sexuality has nothing necessarily to do with the act of intercourse

Also, we are NOT a poly group: we do not offer "cuddle parties" etc...

What we are about: 

totally redefining sexuality and intimacy: as it pertains to energy, mindfulness, spirituality and super-consciousness

reviving intimacy marriages/long term relationships

sex education (anatomy, channeling sex-ENERGY and its infinite values for wellness and evolution, kundalini,  chakras meditation, libido, sensuality, esoteric realms, White and Red Tantra, the Tao)

sex healing and wellness: emotional, cognitive, hormonal, spiritual

sex awareness and connecting more with your self, your partner and with source

sex healing, mentally, energetically, spiritually, physically, emotionally

recovering from pain, trauma

sexuality and our shadow: shame, guilt, trauma, denial, judgement, jealousy, rage, depression related to sexual self esteem and experiences, sexual intelligence and supra-consciousness, 

sex evolution and global change, global healing and philanthropy

sexual ego, sex addiction/junkies, kundalini junkies, out of balance sex chakra, the meanings of affairs, 

exploring the pros/cons of abstinence, monogamy, polyamory...meanings, implications 

sex exploitation: forms and ways to heal

the sacred as it pertains to every single aspect of sexuality: what is it sacred, what is a smokescreen 

the commercialization of sex healing and more exploitation

who should conduct sex healing and who should not- a discussion

money and sex healing-an ethical discussion

sexual empowerment, sexual self esteem/IQ, sexual integrity

totally redefining sexual pleasure, sensations, by connecting with our higher brain ,,discovering how that affects our expressions 

celebrating and revisiting various sacred sex related rites of passage

gender discussions

guilt, shame, projection, hysteria and global implications

breakthrough new presentations of safe "age appropriate sex education" to parents and educators for children and teens 

sex: disabilities, pain, trauma, surgeries

yoni/womb healing and meditation, womb health

sex for women suffering from vaginismus and dyspareunia or being anorgasmic

exploring healthy sexuality throughout our lifespan: pre and post menopausal: libido and practical challenges and new solutions and options

sex and global issues such as female genital mutilation and eradicating sex trafficking of children

About: I have 2 decades of training, education & experience in psychology, gender studies, sexuality & tantra. I am a sex educator, researcher, author & activist; passionate about sexual evolution. I have presented my methods at AASECT 3 years in a row and at SSSS. I have 4 degrees in psychology, gender studies and sexuality (two bachelors, my masters and Ph.D.) from USC. I have ten years of clinical experience and 13 years in Taoist Kriya & Shakta Tantra and Kundalini. I am passionate about the implications of enlightened sex and the future or civilization and our planet.

I offer this meet up  with rotating formats for:


-parents and educators seeking enlightened sex education for their OWN children and teens 

To inquire more, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr Lisa, Ph.D.